The Son of God Likes to Have Fun Too

According to Joseph Girzone’s masterwork, Jesus likes to party as much as any responsible person who needs to blow off some steam.

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  • Differing from James Martin’s book, Girzone wrote that Jesus gave His first parable standing on a boat to be safe from the crowds
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Hi, thanks for joining me in Jesus in Books. I’m Jason Comely. This is the second episode and in this episode we’re going to be discussing Jesus: A New Understanding of God’s Son; a book by Joseph F Grizone. I’m going to enjoy discussing this.

First a little bit of housekeeping; for those people who have listened to the first episode or will listen to the first episode, thank you. There’s a lot of things that I didn’t really explain properly when I listen to it again. I kind of thought you know why didn’t I say it like that or explain that further and I don’t know why. The only thing is that I’m not really going to be fixated on performance and production and post production with this podcast. I’m really going to try and keep it authentic and raw. There will be lots of mistakes.

Basically it’s going to be one take and that hopefully will be good enough. But what I am going to do is, since Jesus in Books podcast is hosted on Soundcloud, what I’m going to be doing is annotating certain parts where I think needs further explanation.

So adding comments; so if you’re baffled by something I said or whatever which is highly likely, you might want to check out the Jesus in Books Soundcloud account and see if maybe I clarified something there. So I think that’s it, let’s get on with the book.

Jesus: A New Understanding of God’s Son by Joseph F. Grizone. One thing about Grizone, what he did with this gospel narrative, Jesus narrative is that he blended in fiction. So what he did was he used plausible explanations to make the experience more immersive. So he would speculate on certain things and it was all very much in harmony with the gospel and with how it would have been during that time and place but he does fill in and smoothed over some of the gaps that were in the scriptures so that the reader can really sort of get immersed and feel that they’re actually there and I really found that this book was very engaging and immersive.

There were three certain parts, certain events that I thought Grizone really brought new light to Jesus’ life and one thing about this podcast, it is a book review but more importantly this is to explore and further investigate the life of Jesus and to get to know him better. To really uncover his personality traits and how He thought, how He acted and so that we can emulate Him be more like Him. He obviously is the Son of God; perfect, lived a perfect life, there is no better teacher. And so I’ve decided that if someone is going to take the time to research and write a book on Jesus I’ll take the time to read it.

If there are any insights that help me feel closer to the Savior I’m going to share that with you and hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

So there were three parts that I found really moving or really illuminating. First was the wedding party. So this is where Jesus had his first miracle, where he changed the murky water to wine. And as we know he’s at a wedding party – and again you know he doesn’t speculate as to – he doesn’t go out and speculate that it could have been Jesus’ wedding or anything like that. There’s no way to prove that it wasn’t Jesus’ wedding but we’re not going to go there. He just says that it’s probably for a friend and of course you know he explains that these weddings were planned pretty much from the birth of the child – they started preparing for these weddings. These weddings involve the whole village and they would go on for a week, like eight days and there’d be a lot of wine consumption.

So year after year they would sort of prepare and stock up wine for this great day, for this wedding party and so it would be very embarrassing to run out of wine after day three.

So here is this wedding party, it’s been going on for a few days and maybe people have been drinking little more than they should have and they run out of wine. And so Jesus performs this miracle and it was very interesting how Grizone discusses, you know he paints a picture of day and night essentially, you are gonna have people partying, you gonna have drunkenness and a lot of merriment. And yet Jesus still performed this miracle and made a lot more wine.

I think it mentions six stone water jars capable of holding twenty five to thirty gallons, total between a hundred and fifty and a hundred and eighty gallons of wines. So this is water that was used for ceremonial washings. He converted this to wine. Some of the best tasting wine that people had ever tasted!

Girzone portrays Jesus is as someone who likes to have fun, someone who wants to see other people have fun and not so concerned about piety or optics. He explains also about Jesus attending a retirement party for a tax collector. And here he is this great Rabbi partying with these tax collectors. These tax collectors are universally hated by the farmers and by the people. They are often accused of extortion and taking away people’s livelihoods and leaving people with nothing. And here Jesus was partying with these you know despicable people.

That just really stuck out to me and how he wasn’t concerned about that, he was Jesus was for everyone so I thought – and he actually gives one more example too and that’s when he speaks to the Samaritan woman at the well. So this is in the midday heat and he approaches this woman and you know using the metaphor of living water he basic declares His divinity to her. Grizone says this was the first time that he was so clear about Him being the Messiah. And here he is declaring this to a woman who you know – Jesus says Go and get your husband so I can talk to him and she says Why I don’t have a husband, Jesus says yes you’re right you’ve been married five times and the man that you’re living with right now is not even your husband and she said the yes that’s correct and she was amazed.

And it just really struck me how this was a woman who was at the well during noon day, probably Grizone explains that you would go and get your water in the early morning hours when it was still cool. Not – you wouldn’t go and do that kind of labour midday in the extreme heat. She was doing that in the extreme heat because she was ostracized and she wanted to avoid the mocking and mean words of other people. So here’s a woman that’s been married five times and the man that she shacked up with isn’t even her husband.

We live in a day and age where divorces are so common, and yet even nowadays you know five divorces is extremely high, extremely rare and so Jesus would talk to her, share that message with her – such an important message, it just shows you how accepting He is. Of course it would be inappropriate for a man to talk to a woman – you know a Jew to talk to a Samaritan.

So that again the optics of that might work against Him but Jesus includes everyone and so I really found that wonderful. Again there’s a lot more in this book I think the book is highly enjoyable, well worth picking up. I rated it five stars, I think it’s a masterpiece. In fact he doesn’t use much in terms of research, he’s just following the Gospels essentially, and Girzone really paints a beautiful and very moving picture of Jesus’ ministry.

I’m on Twitter (@Jesusinbooks) and on Goodreads. Thanks for listening to Jesus in Books and I look forward to talking to you again. God bless.


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